Hameer Deka – Hameer Ji was son of the Ruler of Amer Beejal dev. His offspring were known as Hameer deka. In Kachwahs there’s another hameer Deka whose fingernails are Gogawat.
bar4 The king of Amer Kuntal ji had a son Hameer Dev ji whose offspring were referred to as Hameer Deka. Hameer Dev had 3 sons Nahar, Karan and Mahraj and beneath of their manor Jobner is additionally one. They were in immense quantity and that they all were in commission of Nrana. Later they leafy from Jobner and shattered.
In 1785 B.C. vaisakh sudi five, once Maharaja Sawai Jaisingh was ruler then Kukdesar alias Hinglaj campaign occurred. Therein Chatarsingh Ramdas performed smart fight for that shiropav was awarded to him. Indarajeet Hameer Deka was conjointly one amongst them who visited facilitate for Ranthambhor. In 1803 B.C. Sawantsingh Hameer Deka came once kill Ranaji’s suhim that siropav was given to him. In 1807 B.C. udaysingh hameerde’s Jeth vadi thirteen was employed in Manoharpur battle. Pahad singh dudu achieved success on Madhorajpur and killed Karansingh hameerdeka.
Once King Madhosingh was child then he was sent to Udaipur. Premsingh Gogawat was one among them who go together with him. Later Madhosingh sent him Puna to speak with peshwa. Madhosingh was conjointly with Premsingh Mallhar and his military once Mallhar Rao climbed to Jaipur with Haads. Once he came to grasp that poison is given to Maharajah Ishwarsingh then they immediately called Madhosingh Ji to Jaipur by send an envoy to Udaipur. Once Madhosingh bar4 took over throne, then he issued ’Rao’ title to Premsingh and gave manor and tazim of Dooni. Once Maharajah Sawaimadho Singh attacked on Uniyara in 1817 B.C., then Premsingh Gogawat’s brother Padmsingh got skinned. Dooni’s are known as Gogawat. Premsingh’s son Shambhu Singh was conjointly on high post in Jaipur. His son Chandsingh participated in several campaigns with military of Jaipur. He was vital person. Daulat Rao Sindhia attacked on Chand Singh and scope highlight in Dhooni. The war continues several months however Daulat Rao was not able to destroy fort and eventually he leafy whereas unsuccessful. His son Jeevan Singh was conjointly at smart rank. In 1892 B.C., five Satellitic were reset to Vaisakh Sudi fifteen from that Ranvijay Gogawat was conjointly one among them.Sundardasot- Emperor Bharmal’s son Sundardas Ji descendants were referred to as Sundardasot.
Sultanot – From Amer’s king Prithviraj’s twelve sons, Sultan Ji was also one. He got Suroth. His offspring are referred to as Sultanot. Sultanot had five sons Tilakdas, Sundardas, Bagh Mohandas and saktasi. Sakatsingh’s second son Dev ji was in commission of King Vithaldas Gaud. And conjointly his son Sujansingh stayed in king Vithaldas’s service. Within the time of Maharajah Sawai Jaisingh, underneath sultanoth’s Dheeraj singh and Guman Singh was rulers. In 1813 B.C. Bhomgarh’s rulers created fight with Marathas and won the war in Toda and Tonk that they got pat from Jaipur. They conjointly got fraternity and lease of 60000. Jhirana was provided to Sultanoth’s of Bhomgarh, Sultanoth’s of Toda, Sultanoth of Hameerpur Ratansingh, Shiv Singh and Anadar Singh. In 1814 B.C. Nathusingh’s lease employed in Bhomgarh. They got rage for this. In 1817 B.C. Vijaysingh, syosingh Suroth found big loss once Marathas attacked on them.
Suroth Tajimi was station of Sulatnot’s and Banasthali Hameer, Khatwa, Hodyali etc was conjointly different then Suroth Tajimi.
Suroth – Descendent of Sultanji’s son Bagh ji.
Chandsen – Descendent of Sulatnji’j son Sakatsingh.
Khatwa – Descendent Suroth’s Shyam Singh’s son Kishan Singh.

Sujapotha – Son of king Kuntalji’s Suja’s descendents were called Sujapotha. They were used to live in Arna village of Hadoti.