1 & 2 Nights Iternary -

1 DAY = arrival by noon.

Traditional Welcome & Check-in


After lunch Walk or go by camel cart to see the 500 years old village where one can see local handicraft shops like lacker work, bangle making, wooden toys, bamboo items, traditional sweets etc being made. (Camel Cart Rs.700 per cart max. 05 tax)

Then go to see stone works famous all over the world specially in Pakistan and other neighbouring countries.
Before returning to the hotel guest can also visit local market (Haat Bazar) , some of ancient temples and organic farming on the way (Time Duration = 4 to 5 hours.)

2nd day = Breakfast.

Or Before Breakfast Yoga can be arranged at the Palace Terries, from where one can also view the sun rise ( Rs.200per tax for Yoga).Then Tours around the campus see the painting , stone carvings etc. (Time Duration: 01hour).

Take a jeep safari to the bird sanctuary Kevladev National park (Bird National Park) (Rs.850 per person min 4 tax) visit the villages living on natural habitat .

On the way visit Bayana Fort (This is the same Tisman who ruled over Ujjan and is recognized by present-day historians at a distance of around 18 km from Suroth.The fort is believed to have been constructed in 1100 AD, and destroyed in one of the attack thereafter.
The fort was renovated in 1244 AD by King Timanpal of Bayana. The fort is renowned for it’s collection ancient ashtadhatu (eight metals) and stone idols carvings.
The amazing art work visible on the temple yards and walls is an example of the expertise that prevailed in the region.)

High tea or light lunch can be arranged in the sanctuary or on the way. (Rs.600 per tax per hour) (Time Duration = 5hours)OR

Take a jeep safari to Hirniya famous for Kala Hirans (Black Buck) where wild life (Black Buck, Blue Bull, Chinkara etc.) can be seen.Visit the villages
living on natural habitat among the wild life.
On the way visit a famous Jain Temple (Shri Mahavir Jee)
(Rs.750 per tax Min 4 Tax) (Time Duration = 4hours)
Plz note – at Sight high tea, Cycling, Trekking can also be arranged. (Rs.500 per tax )(This is the only safari where these activities can be arranged)OR

Kailadevi National Park 45km from Suroth , Safari can be arranged (Rs.1200 per tax min 4 tax) (Time Duration = 5 hours)OR

There is a lake 5m from Suroth Mahal which also has migrate birds. High Tea or lunch could be arranged .
(House guest can go by jeep, cycleling or by vintage cars).
Rs.500 per pax (Min.02 tax)

Other Natural or Wild life Sites:
A. Kaila Devi Sanctuary ( Six times bigger than Ranthambhor National Park)
B. Ranthambhor National Park (Tiger Park)

Religious Sites:
A. Madan Mohan Ji Temple (Lord Krishna Temple)
B. Kaila Devi temple ( Goddess Temple)
C. Shri Mahavir Ji ( Jain Temple)

Please note:
Cooking demonstration , Folk Dances, Puppet Shows, Live Music instrumental can be arranged.


Please note -
We also organize for traditional dinners where we provide traditional costumes to the house guest and do a turban tying demo.

On prior notice theme dinners & cultural events can also be arranged.