Suroth Mahal Heritage History

The king of Amber was Prithvi Singh Ji who had ninteen (19) kids in which one of the kid was Sultanji who was given Suroth and hs ancestors were called Sultanaut.

Sultanji had five son’s which were Trilokdas, Sundardas, Bhag, Mohandas, Shakit Singh Ji, then Trilokdas fought with Dus Makha and died. Then Sakit Singhji’s second son Devji was in worship ot Vitaldasji and he died there during his services. Then during the period of Raja Sawaijai Singh Ji Sultanaut’s also had Zajvi (Tameech) which was given to Dheeraj Singh Ji and Gumansingh Ji.

In A.C. 1830 and the Sultanauts had won Toda and Tonk fought with Marathas. On which a letter of Thanks was given to them from kings of the Jaipur and they were gifted the sum of Rs. 60 thousands and properties in the religion. Then the sultanauts of Bhangarh, Toda, Ratansingh Ji, Sultanauts Shivsingh and Anandsingh
Sultanaut were given girana which was a Palace.

In A.C. 1818 Vijay Singh and Show Singh were the ruling in Suroth and were defeated by the Marathas.
Sultanauts who had Suroth was the Tameeji Thikana.
Suroth – Sultanji Son’s had were the clains of Baghge Dynasty.

Suroth Mahal was built as a royal residence 800 years ago by Maharaja Baldev Singh, when he was the ruler of Suroth – a part of Jaipur Riyasat. Now it become a full facility heritage Palace like restaurant, party space, meetings, playground and d’cab service with in the Palace.

The Mahal was designed in an ancient architechture and the interior are furnished with heritage furniture and all decor. Our garden provides a home to different varities of plants and floras.